It’s been a while! Hello Instagram…

Wow, so it’s been much longer than I intended since I last blogged on here. This is due to my discovery, one fateful day, of the abundant and active rat community on Instagram.

I post pictures and updates on there regularly and so, most of my focus has been directed there, as it’s so easy to add all the lovely pictures of my boys and enjoy others’ ratty worlds.

Burlington and Herman are growing bigger and cuddlier, and I feel extremely blessed and appreciative to have them in my life, every single day, multiple times a day.

We waited a long time after our Triple Men boys passed away, partly because we weren’t ready to welcome anyone new into our lives, and also because our home was in less than ideal conditions for housing little animals.

Once we got a proper sofa, a new carpet laid down and walls mostly plastered and painted in the living room, we were ready to get our boys.


It’s beautiful, because Herman, the agouti dumbo, very much captures the essence that Alduous (a.k.a Baba Spuce) emitted, and Burly, our black masked, is a perfect blend of the remaining two, Mease and Badgie. So it’s very much like we have our boys back again but in a new form. 🙂

It was worth the wait to get them. They are such bundles of joy and they truly make my life a million times better (and I’m not saying my life is bad, but, however good it gets, having these boys would always be a cherry on top!)

We would actually love to add 2 more boys to the gang soon, to give them even more outlets to express their cuteness and love.

Our plan is to buy the Savic ‘Royale Suite’ cage in preparation, and acquire our two new boys from either a rescue or a private owner who needs to re-home. I really love the idea of giving some orphan pet rats a forever home, rather than booking some babies in from a breeder. There’s so many rats and other animals already out there who really need someone to take them in and give them a secure, loving home, and we would love to provide that opportunity to two (or more!) beautiful bucks.

If you’ve found this blog through something other than Instagram, then if you DO have Instagram please come and follow us! We are badgerclan.rats 🙂