Journey of Becoming – Lovely Men!

Our boys are becoming such lovely little men! Honestly, when we first got them, although we got them from a breeder and they had been handled, they were on the shy, scared side and it took a while for them to become comfortable with hands coming toward them and various noises. They didn’t like to be picked up at all and got kind of spooked easily. Herman hid a lot.

However we’ve consistently spent every day with them for hours, either in the front room or up in the bedroom once we arranged them a little area, and they are really blossoming!!! They are between 3 – 4 months old now.

The bonding seems to occur in stages or levels, where there will be a particular moment where I can just feel that new closeness has been reached, and from then on there is a more connected feeling and behaviour between them and us. More warmth and interaction and openness on their side.

Herman is super affectionate and playful, he loves to be involved and often runs over to see you. He lets you nuzzle into him and is happy to be picked up and smoothed now (before he gets impatient and wants to continue his journey of exploration.) He has a penchant for getting bits of fluff/tissue/food stuck in his whiskers or on the end of his nose which is hilariously adorable.

He’s independent but very socially inclined, playful and free but also very soft, snuggly and kissable, especially when he’s tired. He’s very cheeky and emits an aura of monkey mischief. He LOOKS like a little brown monkey!

Burlington has the softest and loveliest fur I’ve ever had the joy of experiencing on a rat! Apparently there are such breeds as a ‘Teddy Rex’, however it says that these are not presently in the UK and that it would probably be seen as a bad Rex – I’m not really sure about that – all I know is his fur feels and looks just like pictures and descriptions of Teddy Rex, and it is fabulous!!! It reminds me of a thick, woolly sheep. Especially when you see his legs from behind 🙂

He’s a real sweet little boy. He makes the funniest faces and has a special relationship with his Chicken Hideout, one of the nests in their cage (See previous posts!) Wherever he sleeps, he generally likes to lean his head out and is always up for being snuggled and stroked. He really leans in toward the snuggles, and it’s such a pleasure to cuddle him because of his amazing fur.

He’s very allowing, soppier and slightly less bouncy/playful, moment to moment than Herman. But they both do bounce and play, and they both do relax and cuddle, too.

Herman likes to climb on you and sit on your shoulder, whereas Burlington doesn’t like being on the shoulder at all – he’s all about the sleeve – both love the sleeve!

They’re both comedians in their own ways – Burlington’s just extremely silly in most things he does and he doesn’t even realise it. Herman makes you laugh with his baby-like cuteness and experimental explorations.