Now the chill of winter has settled in more, I’ve been spending a lot of time with the Men upstairs in the day while G-rem works, so that we can all stay warm together in our small, cosy room, and it’s been so lovely to have them around!

We haven’t described the set-up they have in our room really, but there is a nice sized desk (made by G-rem himself) made from kitchen table top that is accessible from the bed, and I have basically donated it to become a rat-table.

They have a plastic ladder from a previous cage that reaches from the bed to the desk.


From there, they can wander into ‘The Hermburl Saloon’ for a drink and chill.

The Hermburl Saloon
The Hermburl Saloon

When they get hungry, their food bowl is situated just behind the Saloon in a cardboard tray to attempt to minimize spillage!

Saloon.. Feeding
Saloon.. Feeding

Then they can waddle over to the one and only RAT SOFA, custom built by a friend of my mum’s who had a business making natural wooden furniture. It’s over 10 years old now and has seen some wear and tear, but in the early days it used to have its own fabric seat, padded out with pure, soft fluffy cotton from a cotton pod.

This isn’t the best picture angle to demonstrate its coolness and the headboard it has is hidden underneath the beam.. but here it is anyway.

They enjoy sleeping both on it and in the space underneath.

Sperman .. as we now call him... on the sofa before bedding change
Sperman .. as we now call him… on the sofa before bedding change
The Rattie Sofa
The Rattie Sofa with nice new fleece

As they make their way along to the other end of the desk, there is another small box filled with tissue bedding, that is the general sleeping box where they tend to go for longer stretches of rest. I made a silly pillar to prop the lid up but sometimes it’s nicer when the lid falls lower so it blocks out the light and makes it cosier for them when they’re deeply resting.

When they wake up, as the desk reaches to the stair bannisters, they love to sit by the balcony on some fleece bedding and look out into the yonder, wondering what lays beyond-er…

Hello Herman!
Hello Herman!

Then back over to the bed for play time!

The Chicken Hideout


Weeks before our boys were due to be brought home, after scrolling through pages of Ebay listings for potential snuggly nests, finding most of them way too big for our needs, I decided to order a little cosy home from China (that has the bonus of a removable floor for easy washing…!)

They had a range of colours, but no option to specify which colour you would prefer. It was stated that unless we wrote to them to request one in particular, it would be random.

Most of them weren’t too silly looking, so I decided to just see what happened. “As long as it’s not the yellow and orange one.” I said to myself.

Weeks and weeks later, it finally arrived. As I eagerly opened the packaging, I was greeted with a bright yellow and orange fluff house.

Dubbed ‘The Chicken Hideout’, it looks like a baby chicken with a huge, hungry mouth, ready to gobble up various small animals that may wander into its tempting promise of warm, snuggly sleeps.

My little men love it and it is a daily staple in Burly’s sleep routine.

It reminds me of the diary room in the Big Brother House – a little hideaway for one to get some alone time. For a while, anyway.

Although it’s small, as is the nature of rats, they like to squeeze into it together. For now they are happy slithering around over each other until they have achieved a somewhat comfortable arrangement, although it never lasts too long.

Always a joy to behold: